Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Grand Re-Opening of Bebe Chic

Looking for something adorable to wear in this autumn weather ? Take a trip over to the grand re-opening of Bebe Chic. The adorable children clothing store is back up and running with a brand new selection of toddleedoo clothing fashionably designed by Naffie Dawn Kennedy (Naffie Nexen). I grabbed a moment with Naffie to ask her those important questions we all want to know.

What was your inspiration for re-opening Bebe Chic?
Well, my mommy said I needed a source of income so when she's old n gray I can take care of her. No really, I re-opened because I missed making stuff!
How would you describe your style?
I really like every style and its always changing! I'm like a chameleon!
How long have you been making children's clothing in sl ?
I uploaded my first ad back in 2010! So about 2 years now.
How are you feeling with the opening of Bebe Chic right around the corner?
Nervous, and excited! It's a really exciting feeling and I hope I can bring new clothing and other items to Second Life that everyone really enjoys.
What do you do that drives your mother crazy?
Oh lord.. lots! But I think talking about having to poop or toot is what grosses her out the most lol
What's your favorite thing to do in second life?
Spend time with family of course <3
What's your favorite prank to pull on family?
Leaving turds everywhere hehehhe lol
Now On To The Cuteness!

Just in Time For Thanksgiving
Dress: .:bbc:. Ashlin Fancy Dress- Purple (Pink available) Bebe Chic
Hair: LaViere-Miki/Dried Chilli- LaViere
Dress:  .:bbc:. Tiffany- Pink-ToddleeDoo - Bebe Chic
Hair:   [e]-Theory- red 05 - [elikatira]
Outfit: .:bbc:.Tess- Grape- ToddleeDoo -Bebe Chic
Hair: >Truth< Velvet-champagne - Truth Hair 
Outfit:  .:bbc:. Sophie- Peach- ToddleeDoo -Bebe Chic
Hair: [e] Flattery- Red 05 -[elikatira]
Outfit:   .:bbc:. Noelle- Toddleedoo - Bebe Chic
Hair:  [e] Again 2- Red 05 -[elikatira]


Pajamas: .:bbc:. Dolly Pajamas- Pink - Bebe Chic
Hair: Truth - Emily - light blondes -Truth Hair

Outfit: .:bbc:. Alexa Toddleedoo- Bebe Chic
Hair: [e] Garden- Red 05 -[elikatira]
Time to Play in the Snow!
.:bbc:. Aya Ear Muffs- Blue -Bebe Chic
.:bbc:. Aya Glove- Blue- Bebe Chic
.:bbc:. Aya Boot- Blue - Bebe Chic
.:bbc:. Aya Jacket- Blue- Bebe Chic
Pants: .:bbc:. Jeans- Medium Blue- Toddleedoo- Bebe Chic
Hair: Truth - Emily - light blondes -Truth Hair



Denim Blue Jeans: .:bbc:. Blue Jeans (available in light, medium, dark)-Toddleedoo -Bebe Chic
Make your way on down to Bebe Chic ...Tell Naffie, Sophie sent you! <3
Hugs and Kisses to you all - Sophie Layne

Friday, November 9, 2012

NEW @ Nerdalicious!

Nerdalicious Designs released these awesome toddleedoo mesh t-shirts! They come in TD Kid or Baby sizes and are only 60L each! Click here for a TP to Nerdalicous Designs to get your copy today!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Star Struck Hunt!

So I went on the Star Struck Hunt last night and found some suuuuper cute stuff! Heres a few of the things I got! Time to get huntin'!
Mickie Bug Outfit - Foursquare
Funny Disguise Glasses - *-[Mesh'D Kidds]-*

Star Struck Outfit - Daisies & Denim
Movie Star Vanity - Tiny Spaces

Store List

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wacky Wednesday!

Its Wacky Wednesday! Here are a few of the outfits you can find for a WACKY price of 41-74L! Don't forget to join the group in-world by clicking the sign at any of these stores and get to shopping!

 Sha Sweats - *Oh Daisies*

Megan Jumper - *Munchkin Toes*

 Mesh Giraffe Overalls - Buttons & Bows

Royal Quilted Jammies - *Royal Pain*

Nikki Amelia Outfit - Rawr Muffinz
Cute as a Button Pin- Tiny Spaces

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Back to School!

 It's time to grab your backpacks, books and lunchbox to race in time to beat the bell. That's right, it's time for school. No matter where you learn...go back in style with the latest in toddleedoo style.

On Sophie
Hair - 113 - [Love Soul]
Outfit - McKenna Skirt Set - Aura's
Backpack - NHA Backpack - Aura's
Boots - Bebe Uggys - Babydolls Boutique

On Zoe
Hair - Jane - Raspberry Aristrocrat
Outfit - Poochie Outfit - Aura's
Shoes - Canvas Sneakies - Aura's
Bag - Critter Carrier Puppy - ~*~[Pixie Dust]~*~ 
Mesh School Desk - Tiny Spaces

Poses -  Girl Set - {mimi}

Let it Snow!

We've already started hearing the jingle of Christmas songs...and don't deny it some of you have been rocking out to "This Christmas" by NSYNC. Sophie and I couldn't resist putting on some winter clothes from *Oh Daisies* and playing in the snow. The accessories along with the boots are color change and are easy to match with whatever color you choose! Click here for a TP to *Oh Daisies*! Grab your parents, grab your friends, and go play!

On Sophie
Hat, Mittens, Scarf - Candii Winter Accessories -*Oh Daisies*
Hair - Flattery - [e]
Jacket - Candii Jacket -*Oh Daisies*
Pants - Candii Pants -*Oh Daisies*
Boots - Candii Boots -*Oh Daisies*
Pose - First Snow - .click.

On Zoe
Hat, Mittens, Scarf - Candii Winter Accessories - *Oh Daisies*
Hair - Garden - [e]
Outfit - Angie Pants - *Oh Daisies*
Pose - Dressy - .click.

America! Truck Yeah!!

Deely Bopper - USA Deely Bopper - Precious Gems
Hair - Garden - [e]
Leggings - Black Leggings - Inner Peace
Boots - NY Wellies - Inner Peace @ Help Staten Island Event
Pose - Tude - .click.